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Your Charmed Life

A Real-Life Adventure in Everyday Magic
with Mary Schiller and Sara Murre

We kept hearing about the spiritual energy that connects, teaches, heals and supports us.

That sounded good to us, and we were curious to know more.

We wanted to experience this energy directly for ourselves.

So we started watching for magic in our lives, observing and taking notes.

Mary calls this “gathering evidence”; Sara calls it “doing experiments.”

Since then, we’ve noticed a few things about the presence of magic in our lives.

First is the fact that it’s there.

Small miracles, synchronicity, and intuition occur with regularity.

Second, we’ve noticed that the more we’re aware of the magic  when we pay attention to it and make note of it — the more of it we see and experience.

And we wondered,
what would our lives be like if we deliberately made magic our focus
over a period of time?

And you know what?

There’s been lots more magic in our lives!

We thought you might like to experience more magic, too.

And then we wondered, what will happen if a group of us gathered with this same wish over a period of time?

Will the combined energy of many people looking in the same direction increase the magic?

We think it will!

You’re invited to join us in this program we’re calling Your Charmed Life.

In a 3-month exploration, we’ll provide …

Daily email messages Monday-Friday (audio, video and more!)

To help you to learn more about magic and see more if it every day

A just-for-you beautiful .pdf journal

with 30 inspiring pages for recording your personal magical experiences

Twice-monthly group calls (7 total, recorded, each 90 min.)

to discuss and share your experiences

A private, closed Facebook group

where you can interact with others, share your magic stories, engage in magical quests, and become inspired

You’ll experience …

The difference between your personal thinking and the fresh wisdom of universal intelligence

More magic and miracles in your everyday life

A stronger connection to your inner guidance and creativity

Spiritual mentoring from the inside out

This program is full, but we’ll be posting new dates soon. 

The 7 group Zoom calls will be held Thursdays at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern/7 pm UK: Jan. 26, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, March 9, March 23, April 6 & April 13. Each one is 90 minutes, recorded.

We also will offer 1:1 coaching at a discounted rate for anyone enrolled in this program.

Let us know if you’d like that option, and we’ll set it up after the program starts.

Are you looking for a magical New Year?

Watch a video where Sara and Mary talk about what it means to look for the magic in life.

Your Charmed Life

Please join us for this exploration and step into Your Charmed Life!

When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can add Your Charmed Life to the shopping cart, and then check out.

After that process is completed, you’ll receive a link to download the Your Charmed Life .pdf (which you can type into!). Inside, you’ll be able to click a link to join the magical email list.

What fairy tale is unfolding in your life? We can’t wait to find out …

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