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to work with Sara Murre

Sara Murre is a true creativity catalyst. Over the years I’ve known her, I’ve watched hundreds of people blossom in the light of her encouraging, supportive presence.”

Michael Neill

“I have known Sara Murre for several years now and am so impressed by her warmth and caring presence. She has a wonderful grasp of the Principles, and her sharing is both impactful and relevant. She is a joy to be around, as her humor surfaces so easily. Do not pass up a chance to work with her.”

Mark Howard, PhD

Sara Murre is the best coach I have ever worked with, hands down. She has a way of bringing you back to yourself through great listening and deep grounding. She has the ability to truly see every person in front of her as beautiful healthy and whole. My experience of being coached by her was so personal and powerful. I don’t believe any coach has ever seen my soul so clearly. Give yourself the amazing gift of working with Sara. You will not regret it!”

Terri Alamo

TLC for Coaches, Inc.

Sara is an absolute delight. For me she’s been a bright shining light in the fog and the darkness. She’s so insightful and has helped me more than once make sense of the muddle that is in my mind, and see things that are right in front of my face! She’s also a scream and puts the fun into the Three Principles. She’s a great person to speak to, especially if you have caught a terrible dose of ‘seriousness!’ I’m also quite sure if you looked in her handbag you’d find that’s where she keeps her halo! I could probably talk all day about what a gem she is!”

Louise Revill

and what it's like
to work with Mary Schiller

“I did not expect to explore creativity during our sessions, and I was pleasantly surprised that innate creativity was something I could see and understand easily. It felt like a very inspiring, uplifting place to be and a direction I want to look more and more in. It felt like the answer to something I had been searching for.

Mary is easy to connect with, and the connection felt virtually instant. She is supportive and inspiring, and I am in awe of the depth and wisdom she shares and coaches from. I would absolutely recommend Mary as a coach. She will help point you in directions you have not even seen yet.”

Gayle Nobel


“I would describe the experience of working with Mary as very, very wonderful. Here’s the thing. She sees it. And there’s something very comforting about being in the presence of someone who deeply knows that you are okay.

I would 100 percent recommend Mary as a coach. She knows where well-being is. She can see it so clearly, that she is as matter-of-fact in telling you that you are going in the wrong direction and need to turn around as if she were giving you physical directions to a restaurant. I felt a profound sense of relief at the end of my time with Mary, like I had been making ‘much ado about nothing’ and I could just stop doing that. I also felt hopeful in a sort of curious way, like, ‘I wonder what I’ll do instead now?’ It feels like more possibilities are opening up.”


“In a non-judgmental, light-hearted way, Mary will encourage you to see things from a radically different perspective. In the process of opening to your own inner wisdom and clarity, you may just discover that, as a bonus, the improved health, money, relationships, or career you’ve been searching for will find you.”

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