You're In The Magic Space

What is The Magic Space?

It’s the inspirational space within us,

where creativity is born,

where healing happens,

and where miracles are made.

The Magic is a place for you to ...

Find guidance and support

Explore your innate creativity

Listen for a calling

Allow yourself to breathe and relax

Who is behind The Magic Space?

Sara Murre is a transformative coach who works with clients one-to-one and in groups, in person and virtually. She wrote fiction for over 20 years before she started coaching other writers in 2006. Since that time, she has trained extensively in the 3 Principles, or inside-out understanding, with Mark Howard, Dicken Bettinger, Elsie Spittle, and Michael Neill, among others. She is endlessly fascinated by the fact that we can infinitely expand our innate capacity for creativity, and this is the theme in her work with others.

Mary Schiller is a transformative coach based in the Three Principles who enjoys working with people around the world via the wonders of technology, both individually and in groups. In addition to being a coach, Mary is a communications professional and editor and has authored several books (with more to come in 2017): The Joy Formula, Mind Yoga, To Love Is To Listen, and A-ha! How to solve any problem in record time. Mary is also a contributing partner to One Solution. She’s an avid photographer, knitter, Francophile and classical music lover (Beethoven, of course). And you can see, Mary doesn’t mind jumping into the water with both feet. You can also find her online at

Sara Murre

Sara Murre

Mary Schiller

Mary Schiller

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